Entrepreneurial Spirit


In 1964, Wolfgang Petzold manages to continue a long entrepreneurial history by taking over the Heinrich Scheffler business. Starting out as an employee of a logistics company from Oldenburg (Rhein-Umschlag GmbH & Co. KG), he shows courage and entrepreneurial spirit, soon rising to become branch manager. With hardly any equity, the trained forwarding agent, born in 1934, takes over the Scheffler branch. Thanks to a loan granted by the Volksbank Hannover he manages to bring stability to a location which turns out to be the foundation of an internationally successful business.

The Early Years


One employee, one trainee and the boss himself: the first years of the Heinrich Scheffler company with a very small staff are an exciting challenge. Young entrepreneur Wolfgang Petzold carries out most orders himself, mainly empty container deliveries and break bulk cargo transports, using his orange VW van and a Daimler Benz L 710. Following his acquisition of the company in 1964, most orders are smaller and sometimes even unusual deliveries. One of the most interesting requests is one made by the Hanover Zoo, ordering the transport of a hippopotamus bull from the former freight station in Möhringsberg to its new home near the Hanover municipal forest Eilenriede. With the help of food, soft soap and lots of kind words, Wolfgang Petzold and the zoo's animal keepers manage to safely transport the hippo and transfer it into its new habitat.

Establishing Export Traffic


Accounting, initially still administered by Wolfgang Petzold with pen and paper, is soon expanding. With the first international orders, the challenges are growing. Twice a week, for example, containers for the long-established company Telefunken have to be transported from Hanover to Copenhagen. It sounds like an easy task today, but in the 60s it required a mixture of improvisation and imagination. Thanks to private contacts, friendships and recommendations, the establishment of export traffic succeeds. After the first deliveries to Denmark, the number of international orders from countries like Austria and Sweden grows and the foundation for a successful export branch is laid.

Family Support

Since Sven Petzold was established as junior partner in 1998, father and son have been directing the fate of the Heinrich Scheffler company together. After receiving training at the Bremer Lagerhausgesellschaft and a business degree from the University of Bremen, Sven Petzold has been supporting the expanding family business. He has been single owner of the Heinrich Scheffler KG since 2010. Side-by-side with his father he is building modern structures and creating networks, thus allowing for continuous growth of this independent, owner-managed freight forwarding company.

Expansion continues with the formation of an Eastern Europe branch (2001) and orders from countries like Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. This is also made possible by the transit terminal, which has been extended in 2006, enabling quicker loading and unloading procedures in an area of 2500 m² with a total of 15 ramps. Since the end of 2011, when administration moved to a different location, the family business has a new home. The company-owned complex in Langenhagen near Hanover (Grovestraße), together with the transit terminal, forms a modern business unit from which Sven and Wolfgang Petzold lead the Scheffler team.

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